We believe in the power of storytelling to shift culture, normalize the wide variety of lives we lead, and move people to act for social change and gender justice at an individual, community, and systemic level. We are committed to changing dominant harmful narratives around gender in popular culture. We are dedicated to furthering narratives in our work that uplift nuanced and varied gender representations. We envision a world where human rights are protected by the power of the people.


  • Addressing and uprooting systemic gender bias and discrimination against women and gender-expansive people in the entertainment industry and media
  • Using narrative power to center the nuanced stories and lived experiences of those most impacted by systemic discrimination
  • Shifting how we shape the infrastructure and systems that produce stories and content
  • Using cross-sector learnings and intersectional collaboration across genders; racial, religious, and cultural identities; and fields to amplify gender justice issues and eradicate obstacles to full liberation
  • Creating opportunities for people of underrepresented genders to lead in crafting authentic stories via inclusion in vital decision-making roles and training and hiring underrepresented youth of all genders
  • Centering impact-driven initiatives from the writers’ table to the marketing team