Founded by America Ferrera, Wilmer Valderrama, and Ryan Piers Williams following the 2016 presidential election, Harness is a community of activists, artists, and leaders who believe that storytelling shapes our world. We build community to educate, inspire, and care for one another.  

We convene to envision and amplify the stories that define a more just future. We create that future through our art, influence, and actions.


We believe stories shape our beliefs about ourselves and the world.

We believe a just society requires an abundance of diverse, authentic and humanizing stories.

We believe a just society requires a redistribution of power to the communities whose stories have been silenced and marginalized. 

We believe community is medicine. Community supports and sustains leaders, and unlocks the most innovative, creative and boldest solutions to our collective problems. 

We believe large cultural shifts happen when our communities are coordinated. 

We believe intentional storytelling and interdependent community will lead us to a liberated future.